Our Team

Keith Belcher

Head Coach. Nick name: BK


Fought out of  Mangere Boxing Gym and Manurewa Boxing Gym. Obtained Boxing Coaching  license under the late great Gerry Preston, Mangere Boxing Gym 1994.  Trains Amateur, Corporate and Professional fighters. Experienced corner and cut man. Strong believer in "Old School Training and Values" &"Respect is Earnt". Loves to see people's lives and attitudes change for the better when they gain Fitness, Skill, Respect & Confidence through realising their potential. Personal Trainer (loves that pad work)! Takes fitness and fighters classes. Still sparring and loving it at 56 years old.


Favourite saying: "We're not playing tiddly winks!"

Suzie Ketchley

Fight name: Cyclone Suzie.

Ex professional fighter and total fitness freak! Fought Corporate and Professionally out of Bays Boxing. Licensed boxing coach. Trains female fighters. Experienced corner lady. Personal Trainer & runs fitness and fighers classes. Specialises in Personal Training Group sessions. Loves helping and empowering women to reach their goals and gain confidence through boxing.


Favourite saying: "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you".

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17 Bute Road

Browns Bay



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